Xero Integration

Why do we need Xero Integration?

Connecting to Xero allows us to quickly assess your financial situation without requiring extra documentation.

Banjo can optionally help you maintain your financial position in Xero by recording the loan liability, the interest and/or fees, repayments, and facilitating the reconciliation of bank accounts. 

You'll be able to control our connection to Xero via our Settings screen and view a log of all the calls we've made to your Xero account. You can also disconnect at any time.

Most Popular Questions

Why do you need access to my Xero account?

Reviewing your financial situation online allows us to quickly assess your loan application. This greatly simplifies the application process and allows for a quicker decision on your application.

How do I connect to Xero for my loan application?

On the Financial Info tab of your Banjo loans application select Xero under the Enter Your ABN section.

Do you have access to my Xero account credentials?

No. The Authorisation process is exclusively handled by Xero and we only get access to the data required for us to complete our credit assessment.

What kind of data do you access in my Xero account?

We have view-only access to some of your account reports, such as Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss. The full list of accessed data can be viewed via the Xero Calls log in the Financial Info tab of your Banjo Dashboard.

If you have accepted the loan data flow into Xero option, we will also create a Banjo Loans bank account which represents your loan in Xero and is used for posting all loan transactions so that your account stays reconciled.

How often do you view my data?

We only view it once when a loan application is being processed. If you apply for another loan your current financial data is reviewed again as this is required for the credit assessment.

How do I disconnect from Xero?

You have the option to disconnect your Banjo account from Xero by clicking Disconnect from Xero button on the Financial Info tab of your Banjo Dashboard.

Getting started

Connecting to Xero is as easy as:

•   Start your loan application by visiting our registration page.

•   Follow the easy onboarding process and when given the option, select Xero as your accounting package.

•   You'll be taken to Xero for authentication.

•   Once authenticated - select your organisation and click Allow Access.

•   Optionally allow Banjo to also help you maintain your financial position in Xero by ticking 'I would like loan data to flow into Xero'.

Once your loan application is submitted you will be able to control your Xero connection from your Banjo dashboard and the Xero Account Settings section of the Financial Info tab.

You may choose to not allow data flow into Xero, however we recommend that you do, as enabling this option will record all your loan transactions automatically in your Xero account.

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•   Select an Expense account you'll be using for booking loan fees. If you don't have any Expense accounts yet - you'll need to create one.